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Jenn Donahue: Personal Brand

Project Type

Website + Monthly Content + Published Content

Jenn came to me with minimal branding and a plan to become the most successful speaker she can be. We started with organic content. We increased her SEO ranking tremendously. We tripled her following on social media. And we rebuilt her website so that it is more authentic to both her and her viewers. 

Jenn has gained great success in only three years. Today, due to our messaging and marketing, she is booking more speaking engagements than ever before and ready to take her business to the next level. 

Key Stats
  • Grew followers by 400% in 18 months

  • Drove $58,200 in sales in 4 months using highly converting Google Ads

  • SEO strategy and execution resulted in top of page rankings for search results 1 - 61 for target keywords (don't believe me? Google "Jenn Donahue"!)

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